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The WordPress image carousel plugins.

 1.Meta Slider

With more than 600,000 active installs, Meta Slider has been the reigning king of free slider plugins for the past couple of years and it doesn’t look like it will be knocked out of the top spot anytime soon. If you want to add sliders to your site with no fuss, this is the plugin you need to download.

Meta Slider is very easy to use and customizable slider plugin. It is SEO optimized and includes 4 different slideshow types inside. A very nicely-crafted plugin for your site if you want to create a perfect slideshow over there. Besides its fast responsiveness, there are much more amazing features it has to offer. So, let’s check those features out:

  • 1. 4 slideshow types (Nivo, Flex, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides)
  • 2. Fully responsive.
  • 3. Full-width slideshow support
  • 4. Drag and drop slide reordering
  • 5. Compatible with translation plugins
  • 6. Translation Ready
  • 7. SEO friendly
  • 8. YouTube & Vimeo slides
  • 9. HTML slides.
  • 10. Premium support and more.

  2. Master slider

This slick looking plugin was easily the prettiest of all the slider options I tested and is simple – even fun – to set up.

Just drag and drop your images into place or to re-order them, and then pick from all of the settings on offer – set your dimensions, crop, pick your transitions, and voilà, you’re done. If you need some guidance, there are sample sliders available that feature different layouts, like sliders with text, and fullwidth sliders.

What I like the most about this plugin is the ability to insert or embed HTML formatted text, links, images or video directly into each slide and then independently animate each layer.

Other great features include:

  • 1. drag and drop visual builder
  • 2. easy to display image gallery as a slider
  • 3. touch swipe navigation
  • 4. ability to load and display galleries from services like Flickr and WooCommerce
  • 5. and more

With over 70 customisable options to choose, Master Slider has a wide cross-user appeal.

 3.Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

It might not have the prettiest name, but it’s super easy to set up – I activated the plugin and set up a new slider in less than a minute. Nice!

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider doesn’t have as many features as some other plugins, like Huge-IT Slider or Master Slider, but I did like how the options are all listed on the one page – no clicking through tabs, it’s all there for you to quickly scroll through so you can pick and choose who you want your sliders to look.

Other features are:

  • 1. Fully Responsive Slider Plugin
  • 2. Multiple Image Uploader
  • 3. Enable/Disable Slider Title
  • 4. Enable/Disable Slide Title
  • 5. Enable/Disable Slide Description
  • 6. Auto Height Option (New)
  • 7. Label And Description Color Settings (New)
  • 8. Added Font Style (New)
  • 9. Multilingual Translation Ready
  • 10. Drag And Drop Image Position and much more.

4. Logo Carousel

Another amazingly designed carousel plugin from ShapedPlugin is Logo Carousel. The best option for you if you want to display the logo of your clients, affiliates, partners, and sponsors. The plugin is very fast and lightweight. You don’t need to waste extra time because it’s very easy to install. Anyone can use the plugin with ease. Besides the user-friendliness, there are some fantastic features too. Let’s check them:

  • 1. 100% Responsive to all Devices
  • 2. Simple and lightweight
  • 3. Easy to Configure and add to your site
  • 4. Developer friendly & easy to customize
  • 5. Works with all WordPress themes
  • 6. All modern browsers supported
  • 7. Super Easy Installation
  • 8. Unlimited number of Logos
  • 9. Unlimited Logo Carousel Sliders for pro version
  • 10. Grid Style and Grid with Pagination
  • 11. Multi-Language available and much more.

5. Ultra Portfolio

Ultra Portfolio will primarily appeal to users who are interested in building portfolios with slider features included. It offers a large number of layout options and really delivers on flexibility and functionality.

The most appealing feature with this slider is the ability to control animation effects and animation speed.

Other great features include:

  • 1. unlimited layouts
  • 2. Woo Commerce integration
  • 3. Google Font integration
  • 4. ability to control the number of columns for various screen resolutions and widths. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columns)
  • 5. and more

Ultra Portfolio should be your choice if you want to combine slider functions with a wide range of portfolio options.

6.Super Carousel

Super carousel comes with its own custom post type. It helps you to manage your images and other contents. You can also create slider by following some easy steps. Some other features are:

  • 1. 100% responsive and fast
  • 2. Creating post carousel using post, category, tag, post id or custom post types
  • 3. Lightbox, link and caption option available
  • 4. Special settings for tablet and mobile
  • 5. Adjust gap between slides
  • 6. 8 Navigation arrow styles
  • 7. Custom class option for arrows
  • 8. Circular slide effect and more.

7.Smooth slider

Setting up this plugin was anything but a smooth experience. While there are lots of features available for all the usual things you would expect (transitions, navigation, colours, etc) and more, the user experience was confusing and I got impatient while setting up a new slider and gave up.

The fact is, there are other free plugins that are easier to set up than this one and I hope the developers realize this and redesign the user interface.

Still, if you persist and have the time to explore the settings, I’m sure you could set up a slider and get used to how the plugin admin is set out.

8. Magazine Builder

Magazine Builder is the latest kid on the block at CodeCanyon. Its main purpose is to incorporate magazine layouts, elements and features into your blog theme, and in doing so it has created three slick slider features that bring an air of cool to any WordPress site.

My favourite feature is the drag & drop interface which makes it oh so easy to use.

Other favourite features:

  • 1. full-width template
  • 2. responsive layout
  • 3. 4 display options
  • 4. blog layouts
  • 5. and many more

Magazine Builder may be the new kid on the block, but it won’t be long before it’s dominating the field.

 9. Slider WD

Slider WD can be a very effective tool if you want to add sliders to your website. You can add this as a widget or plugin both. Slider WD is a very clean, lightweight and responsive that allows you to add image and videos at the same time. There are some great features available with the plugin.

  •   1. Full responsive
  •   2. Full-width slider support
  •   3. 5 transition effects for sliders
  •   4. Shortcode for easy insert of the slider into post/pages
  •    5. Possibility of changing the slide orders
  •    6. 26 transition effects for Slider
  •    7. 38 layer effects, Post Slides
  •    8. Video Slide support and much more.

10. Upfront Sliders

Let’s kick off this list with Upfront. While it’s not technically a plugin, it’s by far the easiest option on this list for adding a slider to your site.

With Upfront, you can create everything from wall-to-wall mega sliders that immediately grab your visitors’ attention, with compact sliders for showing off smaller details on your site. You can control every aspect of your slider (or sliders if you want to display more than one), including slider transitions, navigation, slider order styling and slider behaviour. It goes without saying that Upfront sliders are 100% responsive (aren’t they all these days?).

If you want to further customize your sliders, Upfront lets you set up default presets, so you don’t have to repeat styling options you’ve set for a particular slider. But if you want to really want to get stuck into styling the finer details of your sliders, you can easily add custom code to your site.