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The Best WordPress Starter Themes and Frameworks.

1. Underscores.

Underscores is probably the most popular of all WordPress starter themes. Maintained by Automatic (the company behind WordPress.com blog hosting service), Underscores is a minimalist starter theme written in HTML5 and CSS. The clean code is meant to get out of your way and help you quickly build a standard compliant WordPress theme.



  • 1. Lightweight
  • 2. Actively Maintained
  • 3. Easy To Understand Well Commended HTML/CSS
  • 4. Custom Header
  • 5. Dropdown menu on phones/tables
  • 6. 2 CSS layouts (left/right sidebar)


2. Sage.

Sage is a modern WordPress starter theme based on Gulp, Bootstrap, and Bower. It uses a Theme Wrapper which helps you avoid repeating the same code in every template. Sage is actively maintained and has a strong following among WordPress front-end developers.

sage theme


  • 1. Bootstrap
  • 2. Sass
  • 3. Gulp
  • 4. Bower
  • 5. Active community



Bones is a WordPress starter theme developed with a focus on mobile-first approach. It uses sass and comes equipped with ready to use code form custom post types and custom dashboard functions.



  • 1. Responsive out of the box
  • 2. Sass
  • 3. Custom Post Types included
  • 4. Well Documented



Genesis is one of the most popular theme frameworks available for WordPress. Many developers have made dedicated child themes designed to be fully compatible with the framework. You can even extend its functionality with the dynamic website builder.

genesis theme


  • 1. Responsive out of the box
  • 2. Org microdata
  • 3. Easily customizable
  • 4. Different layout options
  • 5. Lots of specific functionality plugins
  • 6. Active community
  • 7. Actively maintained.


5. JointsWP.

JointsWP is a rock-solid WordPress starter theme. It is based on the Foundation 6 framework and comes in CSS or Sass flavours.

jointswp theme


  • 1. Translation support.
  • 2. Actively maintained.
  • 3. Foundation.
  • 4. Sass.
  • 5. Gulp.
  • 6. Bower.


6. HTML5 Blank.

HTML5Blank is easy to use WordPress starter theme. It is based on clean HTML5 and CSS3 templates with ready to use code and template tags for you to utilize during your theme development.



  • 1. Completely blank slate
  • 2. Simplistic
  • 3. Fast


7. FoundationPress.

FoundationPress is a WordPress starter theme that is based on the front-end CSS/HTML/JS framework Foundation. This is an obvious choice for someone who is new to WordPress but has previously enjoyed working with the Foundation framework for front-end development.



  • 1. Responsive out of the box.
  • 2. Actively maintained.
  • 3. Foundation.
  • 3. Sass.
  • 4. Gulp.
  • 5. Npm.


8.  Nebula.


Nebula is an advanced WordPress starter theme that is more like framework but not completely a framework. It is a starter theme with lots of custom functionality like a recommendation engine for 404 and no-search-result pages, and Autocomplete Search, etc.


9. Components.

components theme

Components is another starter theme that uses Underscores but takes it a few steps further. It allows you to generate one of six starter themes, including themes for such niche-specific sites as portfolios, businesses and magazines.


10. Quark.


Quark is easy to customize WordPress starter theme. It is based on Underscores and Twenty Twelve WordPress theme. It uses Normalize to make sure that browsers render all elements more consistently and Modernizer for detecting HTML5 and CSS3 browser capabilities.