Reasons to Convert your HTML Website into WordPress

In the past, HTML was the source to create Websites and using the HTML and CSS. Site have to compromise with speed and ultimately users have to wait for a long time to get the page loaded.

With the advancement in the development field, we have WORPDRESS which is the most widely used to create websites as it provides the developers with numerous benefits and happier clients. WordPress is not only meant for blogging but also for creating advance websites.

WordPress development provides the developer with a base to create a website with all the functionalities added like a user-friendly interface, easy to access, fast response time and more.

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Key Benefits of HTML website into a WordPress Theme:

Easy to design and develop

Static HTML sites are quite difficult to develop and design, on the other hand, WordPress sites are quite easy ones. Websites which are developed in WordPress are highly customizable and didn’t require technical ablity to post blogs or change content. WordPress is fully content management system and very easy to manage from admin panel without editing core code files Vs HTML

SEO-Friendly Sites are developed

Primary objective of any site is to rank good in search engines. WordPress support SEO friendly sites which makes your website easily accessible to some of the most prominent search engines like Google, Bing etc. Number of great plugins are available which make the website SEO friendly and rank high.

Huge number of Plugins and Themes available

WordPress have thousands of free and paid plugins and themes available which make development fast with 100% error free. Moreover these plugins and themes itself can be customized as per the requirements. Therefore after converting your HTML site into WordPress site, your website can have so many additional features and functionalities to offer to its visitors using these plugins.

Huge WordPress community available for support

If any issue you will get lots of support from WordPress community if you convert your HTML site into WordPress site.

Therefore WordPress has created a huge open source developer community which interacts with each other through internet forums, groups and networks therefore there is lot of help available on internet.

Moreover, since it is open source, you can also contribute to its development.


Changing yourself with the change in technology is important to survive in the market. WordPress is trending, so converting your HTML website into WordPress is the need of the hour.