How to Become Great Website Designer (14 Tips)

A web designer is exciting and fascinating creative problem-solver. Turning text and images into gorgeous sites that customers love to visit and companies are proud to show off. Just start with these foundational skills and you’ll soon be an amazing web designer.

1. Make a schedule.

Calendar due date

It just not a joke, if you do your work with a schedule you never get lost in middle and help you to achieve your goal on deadline.

2. Effective Communication skills.


Communication is one of the most key skill, that can make or break you in any field. We can talk about web design where communicating with a client, art director, or developer can dictate the success of a project. When it comes to presenting yourself and selling your work one has to be bold and clear in his communication with the client. If you are able to speak intelligently about your website design. Your design is sold easily and the client is more satisfied with you.

3. Organize everything.

organized everything

Become a good web designer make a record of everything like clients contact information, assignments etc for your future prospects.

4. Have a Goal.

have a goal

Before starting any design you must ask few simple question to client like

  • Why do you want your business to be online?
  • What is your future plan?
  • What is your target audiences etc?

These questions will help you to have proper vision/objective for website design and client requirement so that you can work hard and achieve the goal successfully.

5. Keep track of your money.

calculate money

Stuffing receipts for software and postage in a shoe box isn’t going to cut it. Pick an accounting method and solution and start using it immediately.

6. Plan before you Design.

make strategy

Before design plan researching about the client’s company, asking the client what he wants and expects from the website etc help you to have a clear and broader vision of clients business and requirement and you can provide a better design solution to a client.

Doing proper planning and putting it on paper before starting design saves your time, money and resources the best.

7. Up-Date yourself with New Technology.

update key

The computer technology changes almost every day and to keep pace with it a web designer needs to be technologically in tune with changes in the industry. Take a time and find out what’s new, what’s trending and what’s falling by the wayside.

8. Don’t Neglect “Soft skills” in the web design.

Soft skill

Soft skills in web design are one of the most important qualities of the web designer. The field web designing keeps updating at a fast pace and successful web designer needs to learn and understand how to apply these techniques in designing.

Nowadays most important soft skills necessary to become great website designer are HTML coding, high-quality CSS for best cross-browser compatibility, smart basic search engine optimization (SEO), Javascript UI.

9. Gain Experience.


Experience counts, sometimes even more than your qualification or skills. A web designer’s success depends a lot on your experience in the field. In this field experience will help you to quickly identify design solutions as they are presented to you in meetings.

10. Have Business Sense.

business strategy

In the real world, Design is all about salesmanship, making value assessments, and balancing costs. A successful web designer does not only design the websites for their clients. He also creates business solutions for them as well.

11. Keep an Updated Portfolio.


Managing and maintaining a good portfolio is crucial to any designer’s success. Web designers face problems in showcasing there work. You should have a great portfolio to present to your client through which client can see your creativity and imagination which help them to take decision easily in your favour.

“ACTION speaks louder than WORDS”

12. Code with HTML and CSS.

HTML coding

No matter if you have development skills or not but every web designers need to understand the most basic of language behind website design. A good web designer needs to understand how to read, edit and troubleshoot basic HTML. You should have good knowledge of CSS and Javascript.

13. Edit Photos.

photo editer

In any design field, you should know how to edit photos like cropping to size, edit and set photos and how to increase and decrease size etc.

Great website designer must know how to use graphics designing tools like Photoshop, Sketch, AI  etc.

14. Grab any Device and Navigate a website.

As a word is becoming digital and everyone around the globe prefer to use mobiles for purchasing, selling etc make a site to be a responsive primary requirement nowadays. A website must support all devices like iPhone, Android, Tablet etc so that it is easy for a user to navigate the site easily anytime anywhere on his simple touches.