WordPress Vs Wix – Which One is Better and Why?

Head-to-Head Comparison between WordPress Vs Wix

WordPress and WIX has there own pros and cons and both can be best according to specific website requirements.

#WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). WordPress is a standalone software that you need to configure on your local web server or hosting and then you can design and develop the site according to one’s requirement.

#Wix, on the other hand, is a tool/service that you sign up for. Once you’ve signed up on wix.com then Wix allows you to build, and then manage, your website. It takes care of the hosting and does all the technical heavy lifting.

Let’s compare and see which one is right among WordPress or Wix:

Flexibility – WordPress Vs Wix

WordPress is an open source platform, and we have full access over there codes and and modify as per our requirement. Any web designer and developer can use WordPress to create their own themes or plugins for others to download it for free, or to be purchased for a fee.

Wix is not an open source platform so their codes are not available for people to modify. This means that only their private development team can produce website building tools. Wix is also expanding their Apps Market so you can add a lot more functions to a Wix website.

The primary concern with WordPress is that a lot of tools / plugins may not be built by good developers. Using a poorly built plugin may slow down your website performance, malwares, virus cause conflicts or worst, crash your website.

With Wix, everything is tested and controlled by their private development team to ensure quality, and they also have good, centralized support functions

Ease of use– WordPress Vs Wix

If you are skilled developer and know how to modify codes, you can potentially do a lot of customization’s with WordPress that you can’t do with Wix.

But are you a skilled developer? If not, you can still customize WordPress but you will need to hire a skilled WordPress developer which can cost quite a bit.

With WIX there are customization limits. Wix is designed and built specifically so it is easy for non-developers to use with ease. You can drag and drop buttons, pictures, slideshows, paragraphs, shopping cart etc directly into to the website builder and build your website. How you place these content in the website builder is how it will look when the site is published.

Design – WordPress Vs Wix

There are two places to find WordPress themes. One is WordPress.org theme directory, which is the biggest and most official place to get a theme, and second is independent marketplaces and theme shops. There we have both free and paid themes.

You can customize Wix’s themes in a WYSIWYG editing environment, but with WordPress, what you see is often not what you get – without having at least a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, it will be almost impossible to get the desired look.

WP Vs WIX: Which one is best

Pricing – WordPress Vs Wix

Cost of developing a website is an important factor when choosing your platform.

Wordpress Vs Wix

WORDPRESS: The WordPress software is available for free for anyone to use but for developing site you will need to get your own hosting service which will be about $7 per month ($84 per year). Further, you will likely need to purchase a theme of hire developer& designer since WordPress doesn’t come with attractive free themes. To add more functionality to your site like fancy slideshows, SEO etc you can install some free or paid plugins.

The basic website builder in Wix is free but your plan includes hosting, customer support, designs, etc.

Wix offers 5 premium pricing plans and 1 free plan. As you move up the packages you get access to more features.


User Support – WordPress Vs Wix

With wordpress there is no official staff but you’ll have no trouble finding WordPress experts around the globe – there’s a huge community of webmasters specializing in WordPress. You’ll find hundreds of blogs, communities and YouTube channels dedicated to this CMS

With Wix there are over 262,000 topics posted in the official support forum, hundreds of video tutorials and walkthroughs, email support and also an entire education program.


WordPress Vs Wix - Which One is Better and Why?

WordPress Vs Wix - Which One is Better?